Time For Your AC Unit Checkup

When you have a central air conditioning unit malfunctioning, a technician should arrive right away! Interpreting certain sounds or visual signs is the beginning of the assessments to diagnose the unit before opening and examine the internal parts for further examination.

They will determine the replacement parts base on these common problems:

Poor quality cooling happens when your unit is blowing air, but not quite cool as you want it to be. Also, if it is downright warm, you may have two issues. Moreover, contact a professional to handle the refrigerant in your unit as they never should be handled by anyone but a professional. It can be hazardous if inexperienced homeowners don’t know what they are doing.

If your unit is making unusual sounds beyond normal, something wrong, it is happening in the operation system. Also, if a loud clank or clink sound starts happening, it could be a loose component that can cause a number of very big problems. Damaged belts should be immediately replaced because when they break, you could be without a central AC for a day or two.

Pooling may be the cause of a refrigerant leak. These types of issues should be handled as well by an expert as they can be signs of a bigger problem.

Frequent cycling may be happening due to trouble keeping up with its workload. This could also be due to an inappropriately sized unit. Remember, both too small and too large are a problem. 

Central AC Repairs in South Florida

If you suspect you may need central AC repair in Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties, contact the experts at Impressive Air Today. Letting small problems get by can lead to bigger issues with your AC unit. We would urge homeowners to maintain their units at least once annually. Also, if peak summer months are around the corner, service your unit ahead of time. If you have any questions about AC repair services or need information regarding other heating and cooling needs, contact us at 

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