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We love what we do and this passion drives us to offer first-class service with fast turnaround time. Though we offer a range of residential and commercial services for the installation, maintenance and repairing of air conditioners, walk-in coolers and air ducts, our main forte lies in the following:

newacunit installation

Air Conditioning Sales & Installation

We at Impressive Air offer hassle-free air conditioner sales and installation services throughout South Florida. One of our experienced agents will take you through the whole process of selection, planning and installation of the AC to make sure you are set for years to come.

So whether you need to upgrade your old cooling system that is on its last leg or you want to replace a completely broken down air conditioner, we can help you get just the perfect system as per your needs and budget.

impresive air conditioning repair

Air Conditioning Repair/Service

Homeowners in South Florida use their air conditioners for around six to eight months every year to battle the increasing heat and humidity in the vicinity. If the air conditioner stops working, you will start to feel it in no time and that’s when you will need the help of a professional air conditioner repair service provider.

This is where Impressive Air comes in! We provide an unparalleled air conditioning repair service in South Florida and believe us when we say this; We make our customers cool again! We will bring your cooling system back on its feet and ready to fight the heat in no time.

walk in coolers repair

Walk-In Cooler Installation/Repair

Businesses such as bars, restaurants, and coffee shops rely on the walk-in coolers for the storage of food to offer fresh beverages and cold food items to their customers. So we understand that the walk-in cooler must be installed in such business places and it should be working 24/7 to stop the foods from going bad.

This can also make these businesses non-compliant of the health department codes. So to help businesses that need walk-in coolers running all the time, we offer both the installation and the repairing services with quick turnaround time.

AC Unit Checkup

Air Conditioning Regular Maintenance

Without the proper maintenance of the air conditioner, the cooling system can become less efficient or even break down. The cooling system works hard month after month and after some time, its components can wear down and get dirty. That is why, it needs regular maintenance to work flawlessly and efficiently.

At Impressive Air, we offer regular AC maintenance that starts with a thorough inspection and ends with complete maintenance of your system.


Air Duct Cleaning - Using The Lates Technology

Air duct cleaning is one of the most important aspects of keeping the air in your Home or Business clean. A dirty Air Duct is the breeding ground for mold, bacteria and allergens that can result in unpleasant smells and also various health issues such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory health issues; so a thorough Air Duct cleaning is needed on a regular basis.

At Impressive Air, Duct cleaning is our many areas of expertise. We use the latest cleaning system technology that eliminates even the most stubborn buildups that result in a thoroughly clean air duct and a healthy indoor environment.

Let Us Help You With Your AC Problems

Air conditioners and walk-in coolers are delicate appliances and should be treated with care which is why we are here to help you out! Our team of experts will make sure all your needs are met with 100% satisfaction. Just give us a call and we will be at your door!

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